soul dowsing

Living your Soul

with Soulful Coach -Lynn Osborne

reading your Akashic Records and realignment to your soul

I invite you to know yourself more fully on a soul level.


  • Are you invested in being your Authentic Self?
  • Do you feel that important information is missing from your life?
  • You know that you are a divine being, yet you somehow long for a deeper understanding of your truth?
  • Are you stuck in your process of inner, or outer transformation?
  • Do you want to know why you are attracting the experiences you are having in life?
  • Do you want to know what unconscious programmes you are still running, and your soul is eager to clear?
  • Do you want to become more aware of the unique positive qualities that your soul is wanting to experience in this life?

“My wish for you is that you find and allow your true colours to shine through,

to clear anything in the way of your amazing divine self/your authentic self.”

Sometimes we need someone else to assist in our next step, and I can reflect back to you the restrictions you are holding onto. With your participation, we  access your Information Field/Energy Field (some call this the Akashic Records)

why ?

You have probably done a lot of ‘work’ on yourself already, have been on the journey of self awakening for while, you may not want a ‘therapy’ session as such, you just want someone to assist you in locating energy restrictions/ emotions/ beliefs, that you have hidden away in your unconscious field. Identifying these will assist you in remembering areas that you have protected yourself from.

We all have certain fundamental qualities that we carry with us through life, and remembering these can help life flow much easier

I have designed a way, using dowsing, to access the belief patterns and emotions that are blocking your Soul/Your Authenticity from manifesting through your being, that are restricting the evolution of your energetic structure.

I also use basic information from the  ‘Human Design‘ system and “Gene Keys” system, which is for those who seek to refine and become more aware of their gifts on a soul level. There are also other ‘systems’ that identify your soul gifts/challenges which you can search for online,  please do investigate them.

Seeking assistance in clearing your Inner Universe to enable your gifts to come forth? Please do contact me

My own experience and expertise ensures accuracy when collecting information about emotional and psychological blocks and restrictions.

So how can you benefit?

A profound recognition within you, about what you have been negatively invested in, and the learnings that you can gain to move on.

A clearer alignment with your emotional, mental and physical body, your soul, and with  your entire universe

An understanding of the positive experiences your soul/authentic self is now wishing to have.

I will provide you with written information and of course the opportunity to chat about what has been revealed.

How quickly changes manifest themselves often depends on your individual belief systems, and your conscious participation in the realignment process. Re awakening to your Soul can make some profound changes and many clients find that they can easily change patterns and behaviours that have kept them stuck for years.

However, it is not a magic wand, nothing is!  You also need to take action in the 3rd dimension to make things happen in the outside world, and to make a shift into the 4th and 5th dimensions . I can offer guidance on how to do this.

If you wish to continue your journey with me I offer Inner Journey work, and/or Emotional Freedom, along with Soul Guidance.

“You don’t have a soul, you are a soul, you have a body.” – C.S.Lewis

Living your Soul/emotional dowsing can be arranged by calling Lynn on 01584 892049, or sending an email by clicking on contact us and filling out the contact form. I will need  the following information – 

Full Name

Full Name at Birth (if different)

Date, Place of Birth and Time of Birth

Your presenting problem(s)

As a remote session which includes “a brief outline of your Human Design and an investigation into your “priority” areas to clear/transform/ releasing your energy, releasing & retrieving your soul” with a written summary this will be £45

Once you have sent your details,  you can either pay via paypal or direct to bank or cheque


“Huge gratitude for the fantastic work you have done for me changed my life and the lives of everyone I touch.”

“I am really feeling much better, my yoga teacher has commented on how shiny I now look! I will always recommend your work and be back for a recheck in 3 months time to start letting go of all that no longer serves me.”

“Great document, amazed. I like to live in alignment with my soul.”

“I now have a more positive attitude toward life and a need to help others on their journey during this lifetime, encouraging them to be more positive and not to worry about what others may think about them.”

“Thanks again for your help, this will help me learn to accept abundance into my life, without soup problems hindering my life.”

“I am happier than I have been and more patient.”

“This has given me a confirmation of who I really knew I was, and encouraged me to use the qualities and skills I have, thank you.”

“Many thanks for the session, I found it so useful and I am going to apply it in my everyday life, that’s where I’ve been going wrong!”

“I can relate and remember all the areas you have found that are still resonating with me.”

“I have felt amazing since you started the work for me. One of my friends asked me what I was doing because she could see a complete change im me, which was a great confirmation of how what I’m feeling on the inside, is showing to the world.”

“Wow, how fascinating!”

“I had a lot of AHA moments, I have been crying and laughing.”

“Thank you so much for helping.”

“I could tell Lynn had done the clearing soon after the event , an overall feeling of clearer, sharper, spring in the step. Some moments of unexpected and unexplained happiness. No apparent side effects, a smooth transition. I think this work will boost my immune system, and I am getting more clearer insights.”