self/soul awareness

Personal & Spiritual Counselling/Coaching and Realigning to your True Self –

with Lynn Osborne

Have you asked yourself – Why do I do that? Why do I think like that? How come I am feeling that way? Why am I behaving that way? What makes me respond to others in the way I do?

Do you need my help?

This process is for both those who have been on their “True Self” awakening journey for some time, and also for those who are wanting coaching/guidance/change in their every day life, or starting on their journey of personal growth.

If you are wanting to change those things that aren’t working on an emotional, psychological or spiritual level, that are not working with relationships in your personal life or at work, or generally in social interactions, then it’s time to look inside yourself and deepen your journey. It’s time for self reflection, self inquiry, contemplation and self realisation.

I am an expert in helping people to see where they are hiding or protecting themselves in their inner world, where they are stuck, feel like they are in a black hole, blocked, held back, tired, or anxious. I help you clear the thought patterns, emotions and beliefs that are unconsciously causing you to live a life that is ‘less than’ you want and deserve, that are contributing to poor health, unsatisfying relationships, and dullness in life. I help you find your connection to yourself, your soul –  freeing yourself, getting back into the flow of life as an expression of your highest potential.

You don’t need to keep replaying the same old stuff that is buried in your subconscious, or I like to call, your ‘Inner Universe’.

In the process of letting go, you may need to let go of things from the past, but in the process you find yourself.

You have always had all your potential, you have just covered it up.

Sometimes you need help seeing a different perspective of your life.


We all do the best we can based on our upbringing, genetic makeup and the things we learn along the way. Are you open to the fact that if you change how you view the world, your world changes?

The processes I use are gentle, yet very powerful, and have immediate results. I can hear, see and know what patterns you have set up for yourself, and guide you into your ‘inner world’ to change, amend, heal that which is waiting and wanting to be noticed, recognised and released.

The world is a mirror reflecting back to you what you believe about yourself and the world. If you don’t express, investigate or release a feeling, it gets submerged into your body/mind system, subconscious, usually resurfacing in inappropriate ways.

I offer one to one sessions in Orchard Lea Workshop, near Ludlow, Shropshire

The cost of a 1 hr  session is £35, 1 1/2 hour session £45 and 2 hours £50

I know what works and that’s where my expertise lies, helping my fellow humans to ‘lighten up’ and live more fully as their divine unique self.

I use a combination of ways of supporting you, which I have developed over my years from my own experiences and training in:  Wholistic NLP in 1995, Time Line Therapy in 1996, with the School Of Living Light also in 1996, Thought Field Therapy in 2009, Soul Realignment in 2012, and Awakening the Illuminated Heart in 2015, plus of course my years of venturing into my own Multi Dimensional Universe, and clearing/transforming my own energies, and bringing these experiences to my work.

I have the energetic ability to “Hold The Space” for your energy body to change, for you to have the recognition you deserve and seek.

I look forward to meeting you

Please call 01584 892049 to book an appointment, or send me an email by clicking on “contact us” and filling out the contact form.