health/soul dowsing

Using dowsing to improve  health

– accessing and assessing the body’s information/energetic field with

Lynn Osborne


Are you curious? What needs clearing to create wellness/wholeness?

I was extremely fortunate to train with the late, great Jack Temple way back in 2004. He was a ‘Master’ Dowser. The Healer and Medicine Man are two of his books

From the knowledge I gained from Jack, and also from an equal Master Dowser in Berkshire, Mike Abbot (who helped me restore my Under Active Thyroid without taking Thyroxin) I added my previous 15 years experience of ‘Energy Healing’. I am especially interested in how Emotions and Beliefs play a major role in our physical well being, and this plays a major part in creating the health and wellbeing you want.

Your energy system, has all the answers, and dowsing is a tool to access those answers.

How could you benefit from Health Dowsing

Disappearance or reduction of existing symptoms
• Alleviation or reduction of pain
• Increased or more stable physical energy
• Greater emotional and mental strength, and greater awareness of yourself
• Improved absorption of nutrients and excretions of toxins
• Improved mental abilities e.g. alertness, concentration, peace

• Gaining a sense of well-being, inner strength and lightness




Health Dowsing recognises that each of our bodies are unique in there genetic make-up, conditioning, and vibrational rate.
We react internally and externally to the following:
Environmental pollutants
Electromagnetic field
Pathogens – Parasites, Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses
Inherited illnesses
Food we eat
Subtle energy residing in the home, e.g. Geopathic Stress


Any of these (and more) can be the underlying block, restriction, contributory factor of ill health, and restriction of your evolution at this time
It is obvious then, that each of us has a unique healing need.
The work of a dowser-healer is to use health dowsing to identify the above factors relevant to you, and then recommend changes you would benefit from making,  working with you and facilitating  what the body needs for restoring health and well-being.


How I dowse…

Our body/energy system knows what is restricting/blocking our health, it also knows what it needs to replenish/evolve itself,  but this knowledge is often not available to us consciously. I connect to your body’s information field throughout past, present and future (all dimensions!), to seek answers to these imbalances.

Just like water dowsing can connect us with the vibrational frequency of underground water, health dowsing will connect us with the unique vibrational frequency of the body, mind, soul and identify the areas where the frequency is out of balance, creating disease and negative symptoms, and sometimes the imbalance isn’t where the pain is – so here is where the investigation begins.

Each person and each situation is unique and I treat you as such. Dowsing can provide a precise and specific direction for restoration of health and well being. For empowerment of your true nature.

Vibrational medicine

Vibrational Medicine recognises that there are many subtle forms of energy which contribute to the optimal working of cells in the body.

When we/I have located the priority areas for change, we can engage with these subtle energies to facilitate the changes necessary to allow the safest, optimal transformation to take place. I use a variety of methods to bring about the removal of blocks and restrictions, aiming for updates to cellular memory, and allowing new awarenesses into your system, which in turn filter through the physical body. I also recommend to you any changes that you might need to make in your life, and support you in your own clearing.

Every living thing has its own unique frequency.

I can work distantly with folk anywhere in the world (having many international clients), or with appointments at Orchard Lea Workshop, Nr Ludlow, Shropshire.

The options I offer are:

1 Dowsing for the ‘Priority Areas‘ to help your restoration to health and wellbeing.

Finding the restrictions/blocks that are contributing to your present situation. Your system will respond well to assistance that is respectful, gentle and appropriate, and will give information that is priority for you at that time, e.g. If you have digestive problems, it maybe that your liver needs assistance before your stomach, or an emotional trauma needs dealing with before the toxins/bacteria will release from your digestive system.

I ask your ‘Information Field’ for the priority area that needs changing/transforming. Taking into consideration all body systems, organs, glands, meridian lines, chakras, vitamins/minerals, allergies, life lessons, toxins, emotions, beliefs, soul retrieval and many other questions.

Priority Dowsing can also be used as Preventative Medicine. By having regular check ups, you are able to prevent something happening in the physical, that is only presently affecting you on an energetic level.

As a remote session this is £40. As a session in person this is £35 for an hour, £45 for 1 1/2hours or £50 for 2 hours


2 Dowsing for the Working Efficiency of Body Systems

A report of how well your organs/glands/body systems, in general, are functioning. I check this from the basis that 100% is optimal functioning for you at this time, then I give you a reading, after accessing your information field, e.g. immune system 60%, digestive system 70%, kidneys 40% etc.,.

Click here to see an example of a health monitoring report

As a remote session this is £40.

As a session in person this is £35 for an hour, £45 for 1 1/2hours or £50 for 2 hours

Your first session with me will  be £45.  I have payment options available if you need.


How to Book:  

You can make an appointment to see me in South Shropshire, or via a Skype call, or a remote session, by calling 01584 892049, or send me an email by clicking on “contact us” and filling out the contact form, or buying via the shop

Please note that this is a complimentary therapy, and is not claiming to be a cure.  Any course of treatment prescribed by your GP must be adhered to until told otherwise.

It is not a medical diagnosis, but purely an identification of factors that might cause imbalances in the body leading to ill health and disease




Have you ever wanted to learn or improve???

Are you Curious???

Do you want to learn something new???



Workshop –  Saturday 22nd September 2018  


To Include:

Dowsing lifestyle choices which maybe beneficial or detrimental to health

  • How to use a pendulum for dowsing & using dowsing to:
  • Find vitamin/mineral deficiencies
  • Find food intolerances
  • Find items/areas in your life that are toxic/stressful

Workshop –  Saturday 13th October 2018


To Include:

Dowsing for Beneficial Remedies/Supplements/Energetic Frequencies

* How to use a pendulum for dowsing & using dowsing to find optimum Remedies

  • Vitamin/Mineral supplements, Herbal supplements, Aromatherapy
  • Crystals, Colours, Basic Homeopathy, Flower Remedies

with the aim to find the most beneficial item/substance for you at this time, to bring about changes to your health & wellbeing

Both workshops are suitable for complete beginners & those who would like to bring something new to  their existing dowsing abilities.

Each Day

9.30am – 5.30pm

In Bitterley, nr Ludlow, South Shropshire

£60 for the day, discount for booking both days

Refreshments provided, bring your own lunch 

Contact:  Lynn Osborne,, 01584 892049