about us

Lynn & Richard Osborne

We are passionate about inspiring others to evolve into the grandest version of themselves, in a joyful, healthy  peaceful, exciting way.  We are investigators and wayshowers of the spiritual kind!

We understand what effects different types of stress can have on the body, mind and soul. We know how trauma can hang around for years, how we all can unconsciously attract the energies of others , and can be influenced by them, without consciously realising that in fact – we are in control.

We know that environmental toxins and the food we eat, the energies below our feet and around us at home, can affect our health and well-being, and block us from awakening to our true selves.

We know that memories from other times in this life and from other lives in other dimensions, can play unconscious programmes and patterns, which will block our ability to be our true Authentic Self.

Our expertise lies in Dowsing Health/Emotions/Beliefs/Soul/Property/Environment.  Our passion is to assist humankind to evolve into their higher selves/soul. We have the ability to locate  blocked, restricted and discordant energies, and we work with you to change them, bringing you into alignment with your true essence.

We see you as an Energetic Being having a Human Experience, and we are here to support you in making the most of this experience.



I have been on a conscious path of Self Discovery since 1987, and that is a lot of time to experience a variety of spiritual teachings, healing modalities, and therapies! I have trained in many disciplines which have given me a rounded view of mind, body, emotions and soul. On my journey I have found that there isn’t ‘one thing that fixes all’, there is no ‘right path’, there are many ‘frames of reference’. I am always willing to expand my consciousness, and use my discernment to what resonates with me and what doesn’t.

My belief is, that if one person has been able to make a shift, then this sets a blueprint for others to do the same. My life is focused on knowing who I am at a Soul Level and at a personality level, and as a multi-dimensional being. One thing that has always worked for me is finding the emotional, mental and behaviour patterns that are running my present life circumstances and knowing this gives me a choice to choose the thoughts and feelings that bring me in alignment with my Source, and allow Source to flow through me, knowing that I am Source Energy. Over the years of travelling into my own “inner universe”, clearing my restrictions/conditionings/protections,  I  realised that my soul/true self, was always there, I just needed to awaken to it, to uncover it and remember.

Once I stopped comparing myself to others and found my own way, I had a clearer access to the “Grace of Life”, to my Soul, and the joy of being unique, yet also part of a huge spiritual network of other unique souls on the same conscious adventure.

I have the ability to see and hear the patterns of your outside life that are being reflected out from your inside world – these patterns  have bought you the life you presently have. I can work with you to show you how to find the unconscious patterns that are running. With this awareness you then have more choice. If you can come to South Shropshire we will do this process together. If you are unable to travel to me, I can tune in to your energy field remotely or we can have a Skype session

I’ve had the privilege to study with some amazing people, and know that my journey has enabled me to bring this all together in my unique package. Some of the main influencial pioneers in my life – Eileen Watkins Seymour,the late great Jack Temple, Sandy Stevenson, Lita d’Alberdi

Since 2015 I have gone through some major shifts within my own inner universe, much gratitude goes to Drunvalo Melchizedek and Awakening the Illuminated Heart (and WelshPablo McCarte) , and Lisa Transendence Brown.

When we are ready, the wayshower appears.

I am passionate about my work, and never cease to be amazed by the healing ability of the human mind and body, and the strength and kindness of the soul.

Life is always presenting us with new awarenesses and ways to investigate our highest evolutionary abilities.



I have always been interested in the environment and have over the past 20 years developed my healing abilities in relation to the earth. Much of my early experience came when I carried out a project to plot leylines around the City of Coventry. I am trained in the Bowen Technique, Reiki-Seichem 3rd level Master and have also trained in Spiritual Counselling, Inner Journeying and with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. I have run courses for people on Healing, attunements to Reiki-Seichem, Dowsing of Leylines and other features. I have also given numerous talks on Dowsing, Earth Energies and Healing. I am available to give talks, demonstrations and training and I can attune people to reiki seichem energies, earth energies, planetary and cosmic energies. I have developed specific healing techniques in response to the huge variety of energies commonly termed as Geopathic Stress.

I have also developed a specific healing technique called Energetic Restructuring, a technique using intuitive manipulation of the energetic structure of the body to reduce pain, relax and release physical holding patterns and encourage physical restructuring back to the natural blueprint of health.